Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Payton Hope Kaufman

Payton Hope arrived August 29th! Here is a brief summary of her birth for those who have been asking.

I began having contractions that were about 5 minutes apart on Friday night so we headed to Mercy Gilbert Hospital. When we arrived I was at a 4 and after a bit of walking only progressing to a 4.5 so we were sent home to wait it out. This was a bit stressful for me being I was told to come in when my contractions were five minutes apart which they already were. I asked the nurse when i should come back and she just said when they are five minutes apart and stronger. (A bit of an allusive answer for a girl like me whose never been in labor) but what can you do so we headed home to wait it out.

About 11a the next day my contractions were getting so bad i didn't think i could take it anymore. So we headed back to the hospital. All the way I'm thinking they're going to send me home again. I had however moved to a 5.5 by this time and was 100% effaced so they admitted me.

Unfortunetly Saturday was a popular day to have a baby though because they had no rooms so i had to sit in triage for 2.5 hours waiting for a room to get cleaned and to get my epideral.

Once I received my epideral things settled down. We watched some movies, a cardinals pre-season game and just hung out until about 1145 when it was time to push. Payton arrived about 15 minutes later.

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  1. She's so beautiful, Amy! Some how I missed that she was born on the 31st. That's actually Ryan's birthday! =)