Saturday, June 19, 2010


So Summer has hit and we've  stayed pretty busy. It's hard to believe we're already half way through June and that Payton will be joining us in just 10 weeks! Ahh...crazy!

We headed up to Oregon at the end of May to spend time with family and enjoy some cooler weather. We spent the first couple days at the coast and then spent the rest of our time at the farm. It rained a bit but I'll take that over the Arizona heat!

We then spent a about a week at home then before my Mom, sisters, brother, and niece came to visit. Robert was in a friends wedding and the girls came out for my family shower. It was so much fun and my aunt's and sister did such a great job! It turned out so cute. They put so much thought into all the details and made it such a special day!

We also got a chance to see how harley would do with a baby around with my niece staying at our house. Lucky for us Sadie loves dogs so they ended up doing really well together! (The licking of the face was a little gross though)

Now I find myself going into full nesting mode. I could easily spend most my free time up in the nursery organizing and finishing up the little details. Didn't think I'd be that way but this last week it has hit full swing:) But hey...its fun!! :)